The Paxian Way

There is a Way of creative action through love, achieved by the reconciliation of opposites. 

This activity is spurred by realization of the essential unity of all life. 

I will call this the Paxian Way, but labels are not necessary.

The Paxian Way is the Path of the Peacemaker.

The art of Peacemaking is to embrace the diversity of all life with an open heart and an open mind.

Peacemakers believe that creativity and cooperation are the keys to future success.

Peacemakers tolerate the freedom of others to think and act as they choose.

They are nonviolent at heart, although they recognize that life can sometimes require force.

Peacemakers honor the wisdom of the past and choose to take an active role in developing the future.

Open to life as it is right now, they choose to work with whatever tools are available to make a better world.

Peacemakers take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions, and do not expect the world to make them happy.

Devoted to their growth and healing, they heal the world by their presence. 

Peacemakers treat intentions as seeds planted in the earth, to sprout sometime in the future.

They embrace uncertainty and do not seek quick and easy answers for life’s complicated questions.

Peacemakers do not make demands of life, but accept it as it is and practice gratitude.

Although humble and gentle, they are stronger than the violent.

A Peacemaker may be fierce in their peacemaking.

They let their anger transform into the fire of loving action.

Peacemakers are not attached to the consequences of their actions, and know that life will arrive as it does.

Yet still they act out of love, for the purpose of peace.

Peacemakers honor those who came before them, and improve on what they did.

The correct course aligns with the movement of future into the present.

Peacemakers are not concerned with the past, yet learn from it.

They never stop growing in understanding and wisdom.

Acting intuitively, Peacemakers do not need explanations for their actions.

Peacemakers do not allow themselves to be abused, but do not shy away from self-sacrifice.

They say what they need to say and then let things be.

If they must work a job that they do not enjoy, they do their best to be good employees.

Peacemakers trust that all works out in the end, even when the end is uncertain.

A Peacemaker rarely argues, and avoids debate.

Moderation in all things gives them stability.

Peacemakers seek understanding, understanding births wisdom, and wisdom teaches how to act.

Peacemakers avoid negative media. Whatever provokes anger, fear or desire, they turn away from.

Free of these three vices, their energy transforms into unconditional love, creative expression, and wisdom.

Peacemakers are humble, yet confident.

Courageous, they do not oppose the flow of life. It carries them with power and serenity.

Peacemakers seek to understand and gain a broader view from many perspectives. They do not judge, but rather discern.

A Peacemaker practices meditation and contemplation, for healing the mind and developing equanimity.

Flowing with life, they attune to what is happening.

A Peacemaker does not call anyone stupid, no matter how ignorant they may be.

They recognize different types of intelligence, and seek to understand each person’s unique gifts.

A Peacemaker honors their family, yet walks their own path.

A Peacemaker is not materialistic. 

They enjoy life and it’s pleasures, but do not attach to them.

Embracing their pain and suffering, Peacemakers are born through perseverance. 

Rational and logical, intuitives use their minds in service of their hearts. 

Peacemakers transform complexity into sophisticated simplicity.

They are open minded, yet hold fast to the truth of the heart.

Peacemakers are not afraid of the future, and do not desire anything.

They do not debate the existence of God or the superiority of a religion. Peacemakers point beyond religion to the truths we all know inside.

They do not debate politics, but encourage open discussion and dialogue.

Peacemakers remind themselves and others to focus on solutions.

Peacemakers are not focused on money, but seek to be responsible in work and finances.

They develop patience and are not easily irritated.

Peacemakers expect delays and take responsibility for their reaction to circumstances.

Through awareness they respond to life from a place of love and understanding.

Peacemakers do not fear the negative, but transform it. They turn suffering into love and acceptance.

In tune with their bodies, they focus on the breath.

The breath is the key to the mind.

Peacemakers do not worry what others think, but walk their own path and honor the paths of others.

Embracing silence and solitude, they enjoy rest and recovery.

Peacemakers empty themselves daily, so inspiration can flow in.

They teach from personal experience and intuitive understanding, not imposing their view on others.

Peacemakers work to relieve suffering; first in themselves, then in others.

If they suffer from mental illness, it only deepens their love and understanding. They do not let their struggles define them.

They do not obsess over race and ethnicity, and appreciate the diversity and dignity of all.

Observing injustice, they deepen their resolve to act from love.

Peacemakers do not create scapegoats, and do not fixate on those who hurt others. They develop compassion, even for these.

Everyone needs healing; evil is just another word for sickness.

Peacemakers know that love, acceptance and understanding are the forces of healing.

They avoid using outrage and opposition as techniques for change.  

Peacemakers meet everyone where they are at, and if possible, let them follow their own path.

If a person is humble, open minded and open hearted, exchange of ideas can occur. If this is not the case, do not bother them; they will only bring you down.

Life is beyond words, beyond ideas; inexpressible.

Yet to live we need wisdom to chart our course.

Wisdom teaches without settling a matter. It hints at what is true and lets people decide for themselves.

Wisdom studies rigorously, but does not carry intellectual baggage. 

Wisdom does not dictate the forms that people create, it only inspires.

Wisdom allows all things, and utilizes the material at hand.

Wisdom is the key. But before wisdom, we need understanding; before understanding, humility; before humility, responsibility.

If we take responsibility for all our thoughts, emotions and actions, we can start to open our minds and hearts.

Understanding vulnerabilities, Peacemakers do not hide them. They use weakness to create bridges between them and the world. 

They treat everyone with respect and accommodate those who are weaker than them.

Peacemakers protect their inner space and develop boundaries when needed.

Peacemakers are not pushovers. A kind soul is the strongest force in the universe.

Without peace, life cannot hold together. Without love, nothing has any meaning. Without truth we do not know where we are going.

Peacemakers know the urge to talk should be tempered by the desire to listen.

Freedom of mind costs nothing. You simply have to let go of your ideas of what is right and wrong. 

The state of neutrality allows love to enter. Then you will know how to live.

Understanding their flaws, Peacemakers work to find balance.

Peacemakers appreciate friends and family for helping them with their shortcomings.

They are generous yet know their limits.

Peacemakers are moderate in consumption and know when they have had enough.

They rest when they need rest, and act when they need to act.

Peacemakers value a clear mind and a warm heart above all else.

They offer love to others as a mother offers love to a child.

Peacemakers respect both the masculine and the feminine, and find balance in all things.

They embrace the limits of knowledge, and do not speculate far beyond their own experience.

Peacemakers know the difference between dogma and wisdom.

They are not codependent, but lay a foundation of love for anyone who enters their life.

Don’t wait for someone else to solve your problems. Take action today.

If you want to be a Peacemaker, live in the present moment and keep returning to the breath.

Peacemakers are not controlled by ideas, yet know how to think.

They are not perfectionists but are always making progress.

Peacemakers lead by example. Words follow them as a wake follows a boat.

Peacemakers do not fear death; they know that their work endures.

If you love because you receive love, and give because you receive, you complete the eternal cycle.

Peacemakers honor their community and heritage while working to improve on the foundation that was laid.

Peacemakers do not live for pleasure and do not take advantage of others. They would rather lose than win at another’s expense.

They do what is necessary and then rest. In between rest and work, they create.

Peacemakers learn to sense love in themselves and others, and choose to act from good intentions.