My One Dream Remains

I believe in the essential unity of all existence. No separation! No one should ever look on another with disdain or hate; this is the sin we all suffer from inwardly, and it is the poison we drink. In moments of weakness I believe the myth of ego, that I am either a special someone, greater than others, or that I am worthless and useless.

Chuang Tzu, the great Taoist sage once wrote of the value of the useless, ugly tree. He wrote that because the tree lacked beauty and symmetry, it was spared the ax of a woodsman looking for useable wood. The useless tree, for Chuang Tzu represented our limited view of what is good and bad, which limits our capacity to understand true value.

As my friend Chris recently talked about in his video, essence is the core of who we are, and the source of our true value. We can touch this spaciousness of pure Being in moments of solitude, meditation, prayer, gratitude, worship, art, etc. And these experiences remind us of the truth; that all is inseparably one; and therefore undeniably redeemable.

Haste the day when our differences no longer matter in the light of the pure awareness of love. That is the vision I have for the world. And yes, I dream still.

Artwork courtesy of Cassandra Miller, used under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Dream_on.jpg