It Is Already Here

By Chris Jordan

Whatever we are seeking we already have.

We spend our energy to replicate a sense of well being we remember. Sometimes it’s from childhood. Sometimes it’s from a period of time where things went our way and we felt unstoppable.

We work hard to set up the conditions so that the feeling might come back and stay.

What we don’t realize is that the work is unnecessary.

Whether it was a person, or an object, or something we loved doing and were passionate about, the object in question only solicited that inside of us.

Which means it was already there. We already had it. We always have, and we still do.

Whatever God has granted to us, our soul or consciousness, whatever the label may be, it is pure.

It does not want. It doesn’t have need. It just is. It is given continually without request, without work, without struggle.

We observe the thoughts of want and need and experience it. We grasp for what we believe we lack.

If we think we lack something we are afraid and will resist life, causing ourselves more pain.

If we know we lack nothing and stop resisting we free ourselves from the pain and can experience what we’ve been seeking.

This is not abstract. It is just so mind numbingly simple that it’s hard to believe.

I believe it is because we think that for something to be profound that it needs to be complicated. However we all can remember moving times in our lives that brought us to tears, and it usually was because of simple gestures of love.

We believe that good things must be worked for. Did you work for your parents love? Perhaps you did, but it didn’t need to be that way.

More than that, what you are, how you are made, the essence of your being gifted to you is pure divine love.

Stop struggling. Stop worrying. Simply be and know that you have everything already, and give and receive with generosity and gratitude.